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Universal law is for lackeys, context is for Kings

A friend of mine once said to me that she had now started to ask herself questions — ”Just like you, Lars.” — and this was soon after she had lost her mother, her only parent, in a car accident in front of her very eyes. That sudden death had pushed her to experience something far beyond the assumptions she had about life and it had now changed how she perceived things. Questions of ”why” had started to arise in her.

”Why love anything if it can be taken away instantaneously and without foreboding?” The question could not have been asked prior to the accident, since she had not experienced the limits of her beliefs before. At the time of speaking to me she had yet to celebrate her twentyfifth birthday. Shortly thereafter her boyfriend died young in unexpected cancer. I met her sometimes and she always asked me: why?

Universal Law

”Why get out of bed in the morning?” I have work to do. ”Why go to work?” Because I need to earn a living. ”Why earn a living?” Because I want a roof over my head and food on the table and I don’t want to suffer. ”Why not suffer?” Because it’s painful. ”Why avoid pain?” Because I fear it. She thought these thoughts in herself and realized at that point that most of her actions in life came out of the avoidance of pain and that made her feel trapped and she didn’t like that.